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A new millennia has began, and things are getting worse than ever. The two largest political factions are showing signs of a new conflict over power again. New threats have emerged- The vile Shattered Legion, and the ruthless Scarlet Blade are posing a serious threat to all other races in space. A deadly swarm of Omnis is spreading faster than ever... Decide the destiny of the Galaxy by helping us build this unique world. Create your own empires, planets and join in the Roleplaying.

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Torik are a small race of white mammals. Their Empire only covers two star systems, as Torik are not very developed yet. Torik are small herbivores, about 1 metre high. They are always completely white, apart from rare mutations. They are tripedal - They have two legs plus a tail which they use to walk about. They can also "sit down" by leaning on their tail.

Torik have two large ears and a keen sense of smell. They have good eyes in light, but their night vision is terrible. Most Torik are naturally afraid of the dark. All Torik are colourblind.

All Torik wear the traditional clothing of their religion - A black, white or grey cape that covers their shoulders and arms, fastened with a jewelled buckle and a hole on either side. All Torik follow the Way of the Reborn Star. It teaches about the difference between light and darkness, and to choose the path of goodness than to evil. The Reborn Star forbids harming another being in any way, so Torik are strict vegetarians. This also means they have no military force whatsoever. The Torik are generous creatures and many have taken up trading with other races, but the Reborn Star says not to get too attached to money.

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