This is the Home Page for all the roleplay articles, or "Chapters" The idea is still developing and changing, so expect some changes as we go on.


  1. Strictly no Powerplaying. Character 1 made a spaceship out of his jacket, and flied home at the speed of light. Is powerplaying. Character 1 gathered the surrounding parts of the crashed spaceship, with hope of re-building it together with the Natives he just met. Is more fair
  2. Let others get a chance to contribute. Character 1 killed everyone in the room would force others to end the story, while Character 1 swang his heavy weapon at Character 2 allows others to continue the story.
  3. Major evens must be discussed first. If you want one of the other users' characters to be severly injured, discuss it with them first.
  1. No swearing, try to censor it. For example Poppycock! could be written as Po******k! Or if a character swears, direct swearing could be avoided altogether-Character 1 called Character 2 a smelly doodoo head can easily be raplaced with Character 1 verbally offended Character 2
  1. Remember, it's a collaborate effort. Allow others to add their own parts onto the story. One short paragraph should be the limit.


  • First person, or second person? If a story is heavily based around one character, then the story can be written in First Person. But if a group of characters is involved, then please write in third person.

How to StartEdit

The first thing on a Roleplay page will be Character Bios. If you want to add another major character, fill one in. Afterwards, you will see an article with a story (Possibly just beginning) Simply edit the article, add your own parts (Around one short paragraph would be the limit) and then sign your post.


Different points in history will be added as separate Storylines, each with different characters.

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