Scarlet Blade

The Scarlet Blade's logo.

The Scarlet Blade is a faction of organized Space Pirates. They are war-based and rarely follow the laws of other factions and races. They are wanted and hunted by leaders and captains all over the Milky Way.

They have a formidable army, with a wide range of species from different races, which allow them flexibility when it comes to different tasks needing be performed.


The Scarlet Blade
Leader Sathik Xunelus
Age 300 years old
Population 7 billion
Status Active
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Saying Revenge is the only thing we live for.
The Scarlet Blade was founded in 2078 by a Regro Captain named Halfhorn. His vision was to create a faction where there were little laws and everyone lived in freedom.

Several travellers and space captains joined and in 2080 the Scarlet Blade was declared an official faction. Halfhorn bought 2 planets and conquered a third so the Scarlet Blade had some land to develop their Empire.

Halfhorn named his only son as his heir, to take over the Scarlet Blade when he died. Unfortunately his son was later killed by an Iruk prince named Qorus, one of the Scarlet Blade's finest warriors. Qorus then killed Halfhorn and named himself as Captain of the Scarlet Blade.

Qorus then took complete control and changed a lot of things. He turned the Scarlet Blade into a warring faction, where you could kill and steal without the law to stop you. This immediately brought in wanted murderers, theives and criminals. Qorus brought in fleets of ships and the finest weapons with Halfhorn's money and armed the Scarlet Blade to the teeth.

The Scarlet Blade became Space Pirates, and they still are today. Qorus is dead, and he chose his second in command, a Camelio named Sathik Xunelus, as his heir.


The Scarlet Blade own many, mostly stolen planets and space stations all over the Milky Way. They are mostly found in the "Red Area", a large area of Scarlet Blade-owned star systems in the Saggitarius arm. It is rumored that they have a home planet filled with treasure somewhere, but nobody has found it yet.

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