Shattered Legion of Dys
Leader Sobrovik Dys
Age 1300
Population 10 Billion
Status Many parts Active
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Saying "After death... There is only hate..."
The Shattered Legion of Dys is rarely seen as a Faction- Most see it as individuals, sometimes working to achieve a single goal.

It's members- Undead are widely known, and despised by most races in the Galaxy. They've managed to conquer many planets thanks to their relations with the Scarlet Blade- who see the Undead as potential allies.


It's first leaders are unknown, but likely to be ancient Necromancers.

Around 100 Years ago, another Necromancer, argued to be the most powerful Undead of all time, Sobrovik Dys united all the Undead Ktaggella in a strugle to fight off the Paladins that swarmed into their dead city of Dys. United, the Undead fought back, defeating most the Paladins.

When the First War began, the Ktaggella noticed that the Necromancers, and their allies are giving the race a bad name. Also, it was well known that the land around an Undead will die away as they stand on it. The Ktaggella, with the help of the Order, built a wall right round Dys. It was tall enough to stop any Ktaggella, even dead, getting past it.

Ten years ago, the Necromancers managed to create a spell powerful enough to rip Dys straight out of Ktagga, and teleport it to a distant planet.


The floating city of Dys teleports to random (habitable) locations in the Galaxy. The teleportation occours every 15 to 20 minutes. That way, and Undead willing to form new settlements have enough time to set off, and the city itself is very hard to attack.

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