Race information
Main Language Changes according to master's main language
Homeworld Wherever their masters live
Racial Leader Undead's master
Faction That of Master
Alignment Lawful Neutral when bound to will, Chaotic Evil when free
Saying -
Undead are not a race as one. They're once living, breathing creatures, now brought back to life as slaves, bound to do their master's will.


Seen as unnatural, sick beings. After years spent serving a Necromancer, and Undead will eventually break free, seeking refugee by their friends and family, who rarely notice them as what they were before death. Most Undead travel across planets where they used to serve, and driven to madness, they seek revenge against those who didn't accept them.

From the moment they're revived, contrary to popular belief, they keep their minds. They think almost the same to what they used to exist as, apart from being unable to stop themselves fulfilling their master's wishes. Depending on how skilled their Necromancer master was, they someday break free.


At first, they look just like what they used to be when living. As months pass, they slowly begin decaying. Spells of Necromancy keep them from falling appart, and they're seen as limp, sickening walking corpses. By the time they regain their free will, they're likely to look like skeletons, with grey skin hanging off them.



The lowest type of all. These creatures were made by low-class Necromancers. Draugr have no free will, and are only able to survive by being commanded by their masters. The spell of Undeath passes within a a few weeks, so they can only provide temporary service.


These Undead are made by slightly more skilled Necromancers. They have little power over themselves, but can make decisions on their own. Many Necromancers prefer them as minions, since they can be permanent (They're not powerful enough to break free), and never rebel.


The much more powerful Necromancers can revive creatures with all their memories. These Undead can make their own decisions (They are forced to obey their master). Within a few months, they regain free will.


Only a few most powerful Necromancers can create these. Normally, a zombie has to learn Necromancy on its' own. A Lich is brought back as a skilled Necromancer, with all the abilities forced into them.

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